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What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an advanced technique that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. They are single strands of synthetic lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. We use only quality extensions in the industry.

What is a touchup/fill + how often should I get one?

When properly applied and cared for, your eyelash extensions will last for three to six weeks. Please see the aftercare section on how to properly care for your eyelash extensions to maximize longevity.
After your initial set of eyelash extensions you will receive instructions on how to care for them. Fills are done every two to three weeks depending on care and how quickly your eyelashes grow. An eyelash extension fill requires less time time to complete and prices reflect that. ​Upon booking a full set of lash extensions, it is in your best interest to pre-book future lash fills/touchups; minimally 3-4 future appointments. This will ensure you have secured appointments and avoid being blocked out of the busy schedule. Failure to pre-book lash fills can and will set your fill due date behind, which will automatically upgrade you to paying for a new, full set of lash extensions. Although we will always try our best to pre-book your next appointment at the end of your appointment, it is not the responsibility of Sōl & Bèl' or your lash artist to ensure you're rebooked for touchups. Lash touchups that are booked last minute may fall more than 3 weeks past your last touchup will most likely result in having to book a new, full set.

How will they look + feel?

When applied by our skilled technicians they will look completely natural, only much longer and fuller. They will feel like your own eyelashes – weightless.

How long will my initial appointment take?

We take an artisan approach with our clients and will not rush your appointment. You can expect your first appointment to take approximately 2 - 3.5 hours. On the other hand, lash touchups can take either 1 hour or 1.5 hours – depending on the length of the appointment booked. Ideally, 1 hour is needed for a fill every 2 weeks and 1.5 hours is needed at 3 weeks. However, it is the client's responsibility to book the appropriate amount of time based on remaining lashes. If you are unsure, feel free to text the studio photos of your eyes – one of your eyes opened and one of your eyes closed, in good lighting.

How long will my lash extensions last?

When properly applied and cared for, your eyelash extensions will last for three to six weeks. Please see the aftercare section on how to properly care for your eyelash extensions to maximize longevity.

Why do I lose some of my own natural lashes?

On average, we shed anywhere from 1-3 natural lashes per day. Due to the natural growth cycle of your lashes we recommend getting a touchup every two to three weeks to fill in lashes on the new growth.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Yes and no. Yes, your lashes can be damaged if you do not follow the recommended aftercare. No, extensions properly applied by a licensed, certified/trained technician who uses quality products should not. For those that have thinner lashes, or simply want to ensure that their natural lashes remain healthy, a lash growth serum is okay to use while you wear your lash extensions. Ask your lash artist about our highly loved and recommended lash growth serum in studio.

A friend of mine is allergic to lash adhesive. Is this normal?

True allergic reactions do happen, but are rare. If you have developed a minor allergic reaction you may still wear extensions with some changes made to the aftercare process. What is more common is eye infection due to improperly washing and caring for your lashes. Not properly cleansing your lashes the entire time you wear them is the most common causes of infections and is the most common reason wearers lose their lashes prematurely.

Will I still need to wear mascara?

No, you will not need to use mascara with your lash extensions. Should you show up to your lash touchup appointment with mascara on your lashes, it will automatically upgrade you to a new full set.

I got lash extensions done elsewhere back home. Can I schedule a fill with Sōl & Bél?

Unfortunately, we will not work with any existing lash extensions that were not done by an artist in our studio. We take pride in our work and like to ensure that you're getting the best service & application and can take accountability for our work, and our work only. In order to become a client of Sōl & Bél, if you currently have lash extensions on that were done elsewhere, you are required to book a "Lash Removal" & a new "Full Set." Please do not book a Lash Touchup if you are a brand new client who has never had a Full Set done by any of our Lash Artists. Your appointment will be canceled immediately.


What is a lash lift & tint?

A lash lift is a semi-premanent procedure that will lengthen and curl your natural lashes through the process of perming them. No adhesive or extensions are used. The option of a lash tint is also available, which includes coloring your natural lashes. Results last an average of 6-7 weeks. Lash Lifting opens the eyes, gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes and offers much less maintenance than eyelash extensions. Our solution uses a safe, chemical process to break down the disulphide bonds of the hair to redirect the lash into a new lifted style. Lash lift and tints are great for clients who want something more natural, or who are looking for something even more low-maintenance than extensions. They are also ideal for those of us who are naturally blessed with long, thick eyelashes.

What can I expect during my appointment?

During the lash lift and tint process, your stylist will first select a silicone perm rod that fits your eyelashes. Then, the lashes will be glued to the perm rod using an oil-soluble adhesive. From there, the service is a 4-part process. The stylist will apply a perming solution to the eyelashes to curl them in the direction of the curl rod, then will set the curl in place using a setting solution. The next step is the tint. Similar to hair dye, the stylist will apply an eye-safe tint to the lashes to darken them. Finally, the stylist uses water to remove the lashes from the curl rod and nourish the lashes as well.


What are Sōl & Bèl's late, cancelation and refund policies?

CANCELATION & REFUNDS • As a courtesy to Sōl & Bèl, its artists and other clients, a minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation notice is required. No-show appointments or appointments that are canceled and rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance notice will automatically be charged 100% of the scheduled service's fee. • Sōl & Bèl does NOT provide refunds for services rendered or deposits paid for original scheduled appointments. No exceptions. Due to limited schedule availability and the high demand of service appointments, Sōl & Bèl will allow the transfer of a paid deposit for a canceled appointment once. The client must reschedule this appointment no less than 24 hours in advance in order for the paid deposit to carry over. • If you are running more than 15 minutes late, we will do everything possible to extend the time and give you the full amount of time on your appointment. However, if there is another appointment following your service, we cannot guarantee this will be possible. In turn, your appointment will be rescheduled and your missed appointment will be considered a no-show, resulting in a 100% charge of the booked service.

What are any other policies, terms & conditions I should be aware of?

ONLINE BOOKING • Assistance: you are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the appointments you book online and for the service choices. If you are in doubt of which service or which service provider you should choose, please contact Sōl & Bél for assistance. • Deposits: A deposit is REQUIRED at the time of booking. A valid credit card is required to book all appointments. No exceptions. Using an invalid or expired card to book appointments will result in the client being banned from booking future appointments. • Credit Card Use Via Square Inc: Payment for bookings or purchases on the website indicates that you legally authorize the use of your credit card or other payment cards for the proposed transaction. It indicates that you fully understand this agreement. Sōl & Bél accepts no liability for any damages resulting from you using your credit card on the website. PAYMENT TYPES • Payment for services is accepted solely via EXACT cash and or debit or credit cards. Cash change IS NOT kept in studio. Plan accordingly. TIP IS NOT INCLUDED IN SERVICE PRICES. Please tip your service technicians. HEALTH CONDITIONS • Please advise us of any health conditions, allergies, or injuries that could affect your treatment or service when making your reservation. PRICES • Prices for services and products are subject to change on our website and menus without advance notice.
RIGHT OF REFUSAL Sōl & Bél reserves the right to refuse service to any client for improper conduct. Inappropriate conduct or language during a service will result in immediate termination of the service. We reserve the right to define inappropriate conduct. Should a client find they are unsatisfied with their service, the client shall notify Sol & Bel, LLC within 48 hours post appointment. It is to the discretion of Sol & Bel, LLC and it's associates to make any necessary accomodations to the client. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF WEBSITE USE Welcome to solandbel.com. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern solandbel.com relationship with you in relation to this website. The term 'Sōl & Bél' or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website. The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use: The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice. Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements. This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions. Unauthorized use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offense. From time to time this website may also include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website(s). We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s). You may not create a link to this website from another website or document without Sōl & Bél’s prior written consent. RESTRICTIONS ON DISCLOSURE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION & PRIVACY POLICY Sōl & Bél is committed to protecting your privacy and will not give out or sell any information provided to us by our customers. Any information collected is for internal review only and used to improve service, pricing, product, promotion and content of our web site. All customer information (name, email, address, etc.) is confidential. When you create an account your contact information and credit card information will be stored for ease of reordering. All information collected will be stored and encrypted for additional security.


What is Sōl & Bél's Referral Program?

We're happy to offer our most loyal clients something to look forward to while also encouraging you to share the love! Sōl & Bél's Referral Program is simple: When you refer a friend of family member, you BOTH will receive $10 OFF your next appointments.

Any fine print?

As you've already read, the $10 off promotion will be applied to the next appoitments of the client and the referral alike. This means that the new referral will need to book & complete their first appointment with Sōl & Bél and then they'll be awarded the $10 off promo on their next scheduled appointment with a value of $20 or more. Same for the existing client who referred. The existing client will be awarded their $10 off promo after their referral completes their first initial appointment with Sōl & Bél. The promo must be used on a ticket totaling $20 or more. Referral promos cannot be combined, traded for cash, traded/swapped or gifted to other clients. One promo can be applied per appointment. A referral is limited to one client only.

Is there a limit to how many referral promos I can get?

Read my lips (or text)... N O P E ! The more the referrals the merrier and we'll dish those promos out to ya!


Can my child be serviced without me being present?

Can my children accompany me to my appointment?

Unfortunately, children under the age of 13 are not permitted in our studio. No exceptions. Should you have an adult sitter accompany you to our studio, we still ask that they care for the children outside of our studio. Aggieville is a great place to entertain your children, or even Pandora Ice Cream & Dessert Parlor downstairs. We ask that our clients respect our providers, our workspce as well as the overall environment of the studio to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and clients' experience will being serviced. Life is stressful! Use this time to enjoy your "alone" and "self care" time we have reserved just for you!

My friend would like to accompany & hang out with me at my appointment. Is that okay?

Unfortunately, guests, of any kind, are not permitted in the studio during our client's appointment(s). Our studio is reserved for our patrons and we work hard to provide a relaxing, stress and anxiety-free level of quality and service, for both our clients and our service providers, consistently. Additional guests who loiter in our studio may cause distraction to our guests being serviced. Please be respectful of this policy and suggest that your friend, or accompanying guest, take this time while you're in your appointment to explore Aggieville and other local ventures.


What is a Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination takes unruly or thinning brow hairs and smooths them out while lifting the hair in a more vertical direction, relaxing and lifting the hairs that have a natural downward growth pattern. It is very important that brow lamination be performed by a professional, as it requires strong, high-grade ingredients.

Who is a Brow Lamination for?

Clients with unruly brows that tend to go in different directions, clients looking to create the illusion of a bigger arch, clients with gaps in their brows, thinning brows or clients who are looking for an alternative to microblading.

What is the after care like?

Brow Lamination after care is simple! Here are a few after care rules you should expect to follow: The first 24 hours - avoid getting the brows wet - your service provider will apply a gel-like treatment as the last step of your brow lamination service, leave that on! - avoid steam such as hot showers, saunas and hot tubs or swimming pools - avoid using retinols, vitamin a, aha's, bha's, steroid creamas or skin thinning treatments for at least 48 hours post service - avoid eye makeup for 12 hours; try to use oil free makeup remover at all times - to avoid irritation, do not rub or touch the eye or eyebrow area After 24 hours - apply your brow rejuvenator oil to your brows minimally 3x a week, at night before bed - correct your brow hairs' direction, especially after getting them wet - use a brow gel to hold your brow hairs in the position and shape you desire - avoid using retinols, vitamin a, aha's, bha's, steroid creamas or skin thinning treatments for at least 48 hours post service - don't spend too long in direct sunlight as this will weaken the perm effect and fade the tint - chlorine and certain skincare products will shorten the effects of the perm and tints

How often can I get a Brow Lamination done?

Your brow lamination will last 4-6 weeks. You will start to notice your new hair growth and your brow hairs will lay in their normal direction. Tint will last on the skin up to 1 week and up to 4 weeks on the brow hairs. We will not provide this treatment again sooner than 6 weeks after your last brow lamination appointment.


What are the requirements for booking as a 'model' for lash extensions?

Service models for lash extensions: + must not already have lash extensions on
+ must become a regular client (we are not looking for 1 time clients; if touch up appointments are not book or are canceled, it will results in an immediate ban from ever booking with Sōl & Bel in the future)
+ must be able to lie still for 2-3 hours
+ must book re-ocurring lash touchups
+ must allow the Lash Artist creative direction
+ must have patience & allow supervision of the service/correction/advisement from senior staff