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Wax + Brow Artistry

Facial Hair Removal

Upper Lip, Nostril or

Chin Wax


Sideburns or

Hairline Wax


Cheek Wax 

(includes both sides)


Full Face Wax



Women's Body Hair Removal

First Time Brazilian


(We'll wax all of the hair from the front to the back of your bikini area including the butt crack. We require more time than the Regular Maintenance Brazilian)



(Regular Maintenance for guests who come in every 4-6 weeks)

Bikini Line


(Waxing on the outsides of your bikini area)

Butt Crack


Under Arms


Full Arms


(Waxing from your shoulder down to your fingers)

Half Arm


(Top half is from shoulder to elbow; bottom half is elbow to fingers)

Full Stomach


Half Stomach


Happy Trail


Full Butt


Full Legs


(Waxing from your upper thigh to your toes)

Half Legs


(Waxing from your upper thigh to your knees, or your knees to toes)

Full Back


Half Back


(Waxing your lower or upper back)



(Don't shave or tweeze!)

Junior Full Leg


(For under 15 years)

Inner Thigh


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