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Meet our bad a** girl gang.



founder & CEO (chief esthetician of-course)

Ashley is a licensed and multi-certified Esthetician from Los Angeles, California. She constantly looks to expand her knowledge & expertise in the Esthetics field & enjoys taking new courses. After struggling with acne throughout her adolescence, Ashley became obsessed with skincare and figuring out how to combat her biggest skin insecurities. This obsession took on a new found love & now she dedicates her passion to helping others feel confident & enamored with their own skin!


FUN FACT: "My weenier dog's name is 'Cowboy' & if I wasn't an Esthetician, I'd be an Interior Designer."

FAVE SERVICE: "Lash extensions because they instantly boost your confidence!"

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nail artist, esthetician & studio manager

Chelsey is an outgoing, eccentric gal who’s artistically driven and loves to crack jokes and have fun! She’s from Long Beach, California and majors in Biology. Being the ultimate animal lover, her dream is to pursue a long term career involving veterinary medicine. Outside of Sōl & Bél, you 'll find her spending time with family & friends, with her dogs, working on DIY art projects, and jamming out to music in her car!

FUN FACT: Ya know the owner of Sōl & Bél? That’s my sister! I feel so incredibly lucky and excited to work along side her everyday.

FAVE SERVICE: "NAILS! because your hands are amongst the first few things people notice about you, so why not make your finger nails frik'n fancy-cute?!"

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esthetician & skin specialist

Alyssa was born & raised in Kansas. Her love of esthetics grew from her interest in skincare. Learning how to take care of her own skin helped her self confidence + hopes to help others feel comfortable in their own skin as well! In her free time, she likes to pick up a book to relax her mind.

FUN FACT: “I enjoy playing guitar and ukulele whenever i have free time!”


FAVE SERVICE: “Facials! Because they’re relaxing for the client as well as the esthetician and they make your skin feel refreshed!”

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esthetician & wax specialist

Corinna is originally from Lawrence, KS. She loves all things esthetics because it helps people feel their best. Bringing out inner confidence and helping people relax is her fave! Corinna's main goal is to become certified and highly experienced in as many techniques and services as possible! When not in studio, you'll find her hanging with friends and family, reading, working out + chillen' with her pups!

FUN FACT: “Ever eat at 'El Patron' in town? I co-own it with my hubby!”


FAVE SERVICE: “Lash + brow artistry for sure because you can feel put together right away + just go in the mornings!”

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