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Sunless Tanning


Organic Airbrush Spray Tan

This award-winning solution provides the most natural, deep bronze tan that is just too good! It'll have you feeling like it's summer year round! Perfect for all skin types and tones. Recommended to leave on to develop for 6-8 hours before showering to reveal your perfect new tan! Lasts 7-12 days with proper care.

Organic RAPID Airbrush Spray Tan

Excellent for clients who need a rushed tan. Recommended to leave on 1-4 hours (no more than 5 hours max) before showering to reveal the ultimate glow. Lasts 5-7 days with proper care.


Tan Additives

Let's customize your tan even more! Check out these custom drops of goodness for the ultimate spray tan:
Restore CBD Drops
An all-natural CBD Concentrate to help in balancing and restoring the health of the skin and body. (Does not contain THC.)
Pineapple Scent Drops
This sweet + juicy pineapple scent will make you feel like you are sitting in the tropics somewhere, relaxing under the sun!
Coconut Scent Drops
*Ash's fave additive* Coconut scent drops will provide a beach-resort-ready smell to all your sunless spray tan!
Eucalyptus Scent Drops
A sunless scent capturing the soothing fragrance of eucalyptus & mint. Its refreshing nodes are bound to awaken your senses and leave you pleasantly content. 
Orange Ginger Scent Drops
Sweet and tangy notes of orange and ginger will provide an exotic, delicious smell to your customized tan.
Orange Creamsicle Scent Drops
Just like a delicious summer treat, this limited edition scent will have you craving a 'Dreamsicle' pop on a hot pool day!
Warm Vanilla Sugar Scent Drops
A sweet blend of vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar designed for a rich, yet delicate scent you will surely love.
Golden Shimmer Drops
These drops add a hint of color and “shimmer” to your sunless spray tan for a glowing effect.
Opalescent Shimmer Drops
Give your sunless tan a glowing effect! A lighter sheen then the Golden Shimmer Drops, the Opalescent drops are perfect for clients that want a subtle shimmer on top of their sunless tan!
Skin Firming Serum Drops
A cutting edge formula designed to tone and tighten the skin. This spray tanning additive will attack cellulite where applied.
Anti Aging Serum Drops
A revolutionary formula that aids in both the prevention and reduction of the skin’s aging process. This solution will tighten the wrinkles on the skin, giving a beautiful, refreshing, younger look to your skin.
*Please note some additive drops vary depending on supply & some are only seasonal.
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